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1/08 "The Lion Has Roared" is the first of a series of sermons in the Old Testament book of Amos. Amos' name means "Burden" and the message of this prophet is just as hard to listen to today as it was way back then! His message was, and is, a warning of judgment to a wealthy nation, long blessed by God, who ignored God's call for justice and righteousness and trampled on the heads of the poor. When the lion roars, do you take his warning seriously? This sermon is a call to take God's commands of justice seriously- or to suffer the judgment of God.

1/22 "True Worship": What does God want from us? "But let justice roll on like a river, righteousness like a never-failing stream!" (Amos 5:24) 

1/29 "Measuring Up" Amos had a vision of God holding a plumb line to his people. Measured against God’s perfect standard, it was clear that their attitudes and actions had led them far off course, but they refused to see it. God’s Word shows us his will for our lives, and his Son, Jesus, nourishes us as we follow him. Yet we often close our eyes to God’s plumb line and choose our own path. This final sermon from Amos challenges us to be honest about our motivations, and urges us to seek God and live.

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